West African,
Middle Eastern, Empowerment and Sacred Drumming


Kadijah and Pat Jarvis performing


Hearing Kadijah for the first time was a thrilling experience for me. Kadijah and Friends has made a powerful impact on music programs in Digby County - in schools, theatres, churches and outdoor rallies. Kadijah is a nice person to work with, a good teacher, and a great performer. She also has a lovely singing voice and composes her owns songs. I'm impressed.
Doug Hales, choral conductor, composer and arranger

Kadijah is full of energy and puts her heart into teaching and drumming. Her drumming speaks volumes to the heart of the listener. Her enthusiasm has inspired me to want to learn more.
Johanna Crinion, storyteller

I find Kadijah is an excellent teacher. Her teaching methods are clear and to the point. Her knowledge of West African drum rhythms is extensive as is her respect for the meanings of those rhythms. Though Kadijah's classes can be intense, I found them to be fun also. Having assisted Kadijah in many school workshops I know her to have an excellent manner in dealing with children of all ages. It has also been my experience that Kadijah is always well prepared to give school students the best introduction to, and, experience with West African drumming. Having performed with Kadijah as well, I know her to be a spirited performer who strives to give the audience an experience rather than 'just a show'
Pat Jarvis, drummer and drum carver

I've been taking drumming classes from Kadijah for a while now. A friend suggested that I try it because I loved rhythm and dance.It has been a great experience and a lot of fun. I found that it's possible to be a part of the drum orchestra right from the first lesson. Confidence in my ability came in time and the different rhythms really did create new grooves in my brain as I was told they would. I'm for anything that strengthens my memory pathways.
Jane Ritchie, drum student

My experience drumming with Kadijah was very meaningful. I began drumming with Kadijah in 2008, buying my first little Djembe, little did I know that it would be more than just a drumming class. The drumming was very stress relieving and always a great activity after a long day. Kadijah made everything look so easy in all its complicities. She was helpful and really got involved with her students. Drumming has definetly made a change for the good in my life. It brings a certain positive spirit when you learn new rhythms and their meanings. I looked forward to every class I could go to. Meeting new friends, and getting closer to older ones was a wonderful experience. Drumming just always makes you feel good, no matter what your day was like. Kadijah has a positive aura surrounding her, and she is great at passing this on to her students. I have now a somewhat professional Djembe, even though I'm nowhere near a professional drummer. Kadijah has always encouraged us when we weren't sure of ourselves and she has made an impact in my life as a teacher, and as a friend. Drumming is still a big part in my life, and I truly enjoy the rhythms and the positivity that comes with it. Thank you. ''
Anique Fougere, drum student

I have taken 3 sessions of classes with Kadijah, enjoying each gathering amongst personable participants while developing basic drumming skills. This instructor has, with pure interest in African heritage, teaching skill and musical skill, given me inspiration to learn more from geography to drum making and carving to expanding my knowledge of African peoples. Her method for inspiring fun and ability to challenge all levels of learners helps make me feel comfortable and at home. She even teaches dance and sings with her students.
Karen Shupe, drum student

I have taken a number of workshops and have performed quite a few times with Kadijah, and my favorite performance was when we performed for a fundraiser at the baptist church in Deep Brook. Tons of positive energy filled the room as the members of the church danced their way up the isle to make their donation. I am very grateful to have been part of that particular experience, as well as all of the other drumming opportunities provided by Kadijah.
Although you may think that you are not musical and doubt your drumming capabilities, Kadijah is a very patient teacher who will encourage you work at it and keep you motivated until the rhythm clicks. She refers to learning a new rhythm as "making new grooves in your brain", and is always there to help. Drumming helped me find what was missing in my life. It is a great way to relax, meet new people and let your natural rhythm shine!

Ashlee Sampson, drum student

I personally enjoy kadijah as a drum teacher. She has the time to explain and help her students. She treats them all the same no matter if it's someones first time or if it's their 100th class. She treats them with love and respect. keep up the great job and enjoy the journey.
Henoche Townley, Drum Student

Connections are what Kadijah is all about. Connecting generations by weaving heartbeats with drumbeats was Kadijah's artful gift to me and my granddaughter at a moving workshop drumming circle. Connecting us in turn, to the wide circle of participants in a way that made us feel like we all spoke the same language, was an example of Kadijah's skilled leadership qualities and hands on teaching techniques. Connecting us all through the use of her drumming and story-telling which is grounded in earth inspired experiential participation is a cherished memory, one I look forward to recreating. Thank you Kadijah.
Anna Roch, Drum Circle participant

I found last night's class awesome! I slept more deeply than I have in a very long time and that is always a welcome benefit. The sound is still echoing in my aura and my hands want to posture themselves on the edge of every surface--and beat out a rhythm, albeit kinda lopsided, haha! I really like the group...and this is such a unique way to connect. What a rush when you play the lead rhythm and everyone starts pounding out the response--it made my hair stand on end!! And YES, it's lots of fun!
What an honour to drum with you and the others. It is such a full and non-invasive expression of love. And I love it and benefit from it wholly at all levels of being.
I totally enjoyed the last class--there was so much good energy flowing in the room--even with the occasional bloopers we all made. Somehow even all that stuff was okay. I love those moments when, without any apparent reason, everyone moves together happily and harmoniously, even if a bit out of tune. You know then that creation is afoot and doing its mysterious work beneath the surface.
Your vision about regional drumming and a local festival is noble and absolutely inspiring, Kadijah! It is always such a privilege to see the soul purpose emerging in another person, especially when she also visibly demonstrates her capacity to pull it off and make it happen! More power to you, Djembe Woman!!"

Trudy Bengivenni, drum student