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Bird Goddess, Cyprus found at ancient temple dedicated to Artemis

Bird Goddess, Cyprus; found at ancient temple dedicated to Artemis

Frame Drumming for Aphrodite in Cyprus


Visioned and initiated by Kadijah May Photiades; drumming experience and teachings co-facilitated by Helenq Argyrou and Marina M. Kyprigenea.


quote Dive deep into the heart of Aphrodite through this life-transforming pilgrimage to Cyprus. quote
Marina M Kyprigenea

ome on this 12 day, 11 night experience, bathe in the vibrant blue waters at her mythical birthplace, hold sacred ceremony and offer incense at her holy temple in Paphos, Aphrodite's home. Drum at Aphrodite's sacred baths, gather water from her sacred spring, learn the invocative names of the Cypriot Goddess in ancient Greek, and discover the timeless joy of Cypriot circle dance.

For more information: Contact Kadijah at drumaphrodite@eastlink.ca

Day 1 Arrival

Larnaca international airport taxi transfer to Flamingo Beach Hotel; welcome, meet Cyprus frame drummers, ritual and screening of Stavros unique film dedicated to Aphrodite the Great Goddess of Cyprus Enjoy evening meal at the local Greek Taverna.

Day 2

Relax, sun and sea. Visit the ancient city temple grounds of Kition, dedicated to the Goddess Astarte (bright star) identified with Ashtoreth of the Hebrews and Ishtar of the Babylonians and Assyrians. Experience ritual foot washing at Hala Sultan Tekke (an ancient sacred place once dedicated to the goddess Artemis) and a sunset drumming ritual at the salt flats, home to 10,000 flamingos in the spring; enjoy an evening meal at the local Cyprus Taverna.

Day 3

Drive east to Cape Greco and visit the sea caves, drumming at the site of the ancient temple devoted to Aphrodite Invocation in ancient Greek. Swim and lunch at the breathtakingly beautiful beach fringed by pine trees; drumming to the full moon.

Day 4

Visit ancient Idalion, once home to seventeen temples dedicated to the goddess and the local museum, learn Greek circle dance, drumming in the spring fields where Adonis and Aphrodite once played. Visit the museum in the capital Nicosia continuously inhabited since the beginning of the Bronze Age 2500 years BC (now the last divided capital in the Europe)

Day 5

Shopping in old Nicosia, visit the occupied city, lunch at the old "Buyuk Hani with its thriving arts centre, consisting of several galleries and workshops, built by the Ottomans in 1572, the year after they seized Cyprus from the Venetians. Luxuriate at the Hammam, (Turkish bath) evening meal.

Day 6

Drive west through rural Cyprus to the village of Ayie Vavatsinia, drumming workshop in traditional Cyprus home with Helenq. Experience peaceful village life and enjoy dinner in the local village taverna.

Day 7

Drive to Lefkara lace making village; visit the bee museum in Kato Drys village, visit Chirokitia Neolithic settlement (the first peoples of Cyprus.)

Day 8

Free day, luxuriate swim, relax, rest.

Day 9

Visit Amathus sacred temple cite and the outdoor sculpture gallery with its amphitheatre and ancient Greek altar. Meet Phillipos Yiapannis, sculptor of mythical and sacred fusions of feminine divine works. Enjoy lunch in Fasoula mountain village. Immersion in drumming class with breath and chakra cleanse and sound journey with.

Day 10

Luxuriate, free day, sun and sea, evening drumming.

Day 11

Drive to the baths of Aphrodite and collect water from her sacred spring. Invocation in ancient Greek, ritual drumming and offerings of incense at the temple of Aphrodite, cleanse in the swirling foams of salt water where the Goddess first stepped on land. Enjoy a glorious sunset at this sacred mythical place and offer your rhythms to the goddess of sea.

Day 12

Breakfast, giving thanks, gather on the beach, closing the circle (circle dance) closing ceremony, farewell and safe return.


1990 Canadian dollars

This fee covers 11 nights of double occupancy accommodations and transportation, all drum / dance instruction and ceremonies, course materials and use of drums if needed.

Does not include airfare, airport taxis, meals, entrance fees, and gratuities.(rough estimate 1500 Canadian dollars).

To register: Contact Kadijah at drumaphrodite@eastlink.ca

Payment schedule for Drumming for Aphrodite TBA

Payment method

etransfer to drumaphrodite@eastlink.ca

Pay by cheque (contact Kadijah for mailing address)


We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum in which case all investments will be refunded.

Itinerary and accommodations subject to change.

NOTICE! We are not liable for any accidents, illness or losses incurred while participating on Drumming for Aphrodite.

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