West African,
Middle Eastern. Empowerment and Sacred Drumming


Kadijah performing at the Farmer's Market, Annapolis Royal

About Kadijah

quote Connections are what Kadijah is all about. Connecting generations by weaving heartbeats with drumbeats was Kadijahs artful gift to me and my granddaughter at a moving workshop drumming circle. Connecting us in turn, to the wide circle of participants in a way that made us feel like we all spoke the same language... quote
Anna Roch, drum circle particpant

K adijah has taken a meandering journey through the arts having spent time singing, writing, and painting, but with perhaps her deepest passion resting in the realm of world music, and most specifically, hand drumming. Her drum journey began in 1985, when she witnessed a spontaneous performance by Chi Sharpe in a Toronto after hours club. She was moved to ask Chi if he would be willing to give her lessons and later found out that Chi had been the percussionist for Harry Belafonte and Bruce Cockburn She has studied with many master drummers including Famoudou Konate of West Africa, Ken Shorely in Wolfville N.S., Tori Morill and Shirsten Lundblad in Maine, Tommy Be in North Carolina, the Women Frame Drummer of Cyprus and Professor Trichy Sankaran( solkattu and kanjira) .

Kadijah's drum career started in a Kensington Market reggae band, where she acquired a wealth of experience playing for environmental, political and cultural events. She started to become aware of a phenomenon which continues for her today. Drumming has the power to transcend all boundaries and to heal. Invitations have come her way from African, Afro Cuban, Latin, Middle Eastern, First Nations and Jazz performers in the Toronto scene giving her a rich and sensitive awareness of the drum in cultural context. Eventually Kadijah's journey brought her to rural Nova Scotia where she has been performing and teaching since 1996. Lately Kadijah has been studying the teachings of Layne Redmond on frame drum and tambourine.She has traveled to Maine, North Carolina and Cyprus to seek knowledge about this path and to connect with frame drummers worldwide.

quoteKadijah is full of energy and puts her heart into teaching and drumming. Her drumming speaks volumes to the heart of the listener. Her enthusiasm has inspired me to want to learn more.quote
Johanna Crinion, storyteller

Kadijah has taught ongoing classes in many Maritime communities. She has given workshops in the library system, as well as Elementary and High Schools, Adult Schools, and Community Colleges. She as done in-service workshops with the Annapolis Regional School Board music teachers, also women's gatherings, Girl Guides of Canada leaders, youth groups, private parties, individual and group workshops and events to honor Martin Luther King, and to celebrate African History Month. She was invited to perform for Halifax Drum Fest and has accompanied organists and an assortment of choirs. Kadijah also continues her personal performances as a singer, songwriter, and percussionist/drummer. Most of her performances include at least a handful of her drum students.

Kadijah believes, "Drumming is as essential to the human spirit as dance, song, prayer and meditation. Human beings have an innate need to come together and have group experiences that are transcending. Drumming is very much lacking in our culture but it is growing. If more people are drumming, and less people are fighting, the world will be a more joy filled place. Unnecessary boundaries would dissolve, permitting people come together as one!.

Kadijah is very honored to be one of the many people with the facility and desire to bring more and more people in touch with the drum and their own internal rhythm.

Kadijah also offers SKYPE lessons in Frame Drumming and Tambourine

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